Sunday, April 5, 2009

Awsome Opportunity

I was in downtown B -ville the other day, getting some supplies for a tutu. I saw a little shop called Candid Gifts. Thinking it would be a great place to get items for Allykat, I went inside. It is very cute with tons of cute boutique items, neatly placed of course. I wondered to the front and asked if they ever sold soon as the question came from my lips, I was amazed! I am never that bold. But the lady brightly said "No, Do you make tutus" My mouth ran dry and I think I just shook my head yes...or something. She then goes on the talk about the shop and how they take in local artist and that was mainly who was in the shop. I told her I sell on ebay (some now) and Etsy and that I have been doing it (selling them) for a little over 6 months. Talk lead to more talk and before I knew it, I had left out of there with a promise to look at my work, a contract to fill out, and a list of networking nights, sites and information. I was so "high on life" I forgot why I was in downtown in the first place and went to pick up Ally at daycare!!

What an amazing turn of events. I then browsed the, the and all the other information she gave me. I am looking forward to bringing in my craft and possibly selling it in a brick and mortar store.

"Oh like a little sweet a day can turn from sour to sweet"
Marylin Monroe

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