Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Name!!

To tell about Sugarbeez one would have to tell the name. It's a funny little name I think and one that has stuck in our family since us two became three.

When my husband and I decided to try for a baby, to say it was difficult is a major understatement. We tried doctor's, acupuncture, standing on our heads, anything we could think of. When the treatments failed...we were heart broken. Then came that dreaded word...infertile!!! Oh how I hate that word!!! It is a nasty little word with tons of nasty feelings attached to it!

After rounds of fertility treatments, we finally got pregnant!!! Oh how the joy just spilled onto everyone around us!! After enduring months of morning sickness, high blood pressure, bed rest, SUA and NST's she came!! A healthy little girl born 6 weeks early and 26 hours of labor, but healthy! We were so excited. The next afternoon, after she was born, we both were sitting with her, just watching her sleep. She was snuggled next to her daddy, when this sound....this little buzz sound came out of her. We looked at each other and giggled! My husband turned to me and said "My little Sugarbee".

So I am sure you have made the connection now, as to the Sugarbeez name. She still makes that sound...I do not know how...when she sleeps.

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