Monday, July 13, 2009

The Reviews are in......

So I have taken part now in a few more reviews...get my little shop noticed and maybe get an order or two. But even I have been blown away at the response I have received. My hits are way up and I am getting questions left and right...which is always a good thing. SO I say....REVIEW and what better way to do reviews than to do them on mommy blogs. I am really having a very positive response to all this.

The first review was done a few days ago on July 8th. It was done by a very busy mommy to Four Monkeys. Her little girl wanted to be a Patriotic Princess for the 4th...and what a princess she was!! Twirling around and prancing about. The review is an awesome one as well (see here) and i was very proud that she felt so strongly about this tutu.

The next one was done on July 12, 2009 by another working mommy at The Dirty Shirt. Jennifer, did an amazing job on this review. Plus she allowed me to do an E-Gift Certificate giveaway to Sugarbeez Tutus. Please go to her blog The Dirty Shirt and follow the directions for your chance to enter and win a $30 Gift Certificate to Sugarbeez Tutus.



  1. hey good for you!!! reviews ARE scary and some mom blogs are more professional than others. {some are learning}
    I'm letting you know that I gave you a "lovely blog" award. come by my blog and pick it up :-)
    and also - I notice I get a bit of traffic with themed links, like blue monday and pink saturday - plan ahead and get your link in early and you'll get some new visitors. of course, they expect you to visit (and comment) in return but it can be worth the effort to increase traffic.
    my husband's brick and mortar business even says to the sales guys, marketing and sales are two different things. You need the traffic to get the sale.
    sorry - didn't mean to give you a lecture!!! blogging takes time... but it can pay off.
    mmmm you can also try a give away... a mommy hosted blog in which the host requires all give away entries to visit your blog or etsy site and leave a comment as to their favorite piece or something that shows they stopped in...
    and when you are up for advertising on a blog - I'd LOVE to have you!
    okay. I'll stop now. *grin*

  2. Your store is looking good. I noticed some new items for Halloween. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. Anyway, just swinging by to check on things here! Take care!

  3. I am so happy to see you on the top 10 list from Mom Made That! Congrats! I hope business is doing well for you!