Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dance with my Daddy

Another wonderful Etsy artist! This etsy shop has the sweet and modern prints. This is one talented SAHM! She creates a beautiful array of silhouettes with a modern touch. This great shop is called PaperPuddles. She was featured on the front page and that is how I found her. What amazing art she does...I am so impressed! I have chosen to show the following prints to give you an idea for Father's day.....in case you were drawing a blank. These would look so good in any home and go with any decor. She can even personalize these prints. Go to her shop and check it out. You will be so glad you did!
I just LOVE how this print looks...so simple and cute! What a sweet present this would be for that first time daddy!

I just LOVE this little posting! What a beautiful moment! I think every little girl has danced on her daddy's feet at one time or another. It also shows the personal name that can be added.


  1. I love the bottom print, you are right, just about every girl has danced on her daddy's feet. I remember doing it and my daughter does it all the time.