Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the winner is

In recent weeks, I have participated in a photgraphy studio's giveaway. Leah Remillet Photography can be seen all over Sugarbeez Tutus. She is a dear friend and a wonderful Photographer. This is the tutu up for grabs...We called it "Patriotic Princess" and it turned out so beautiful!!

The winner turned out to be the mom of the little girl who modeled this tutu!!! What a lucky ducky she is!! She is the little girl you see pictured above. Her tutu was sent out in time for the 4th...because who could look just plain ole red, white and blue when you could wear a tutu? This house will get a ton of use out of this little tutu, with three daughters running around, this will be worn again and again. It's a good thing that these are sewn and crafted to last! I know my own diva does a number on her's but they always can be fluffed and shaken and turn back to new. Man that tutu maker must be pretty good at her craft ;)

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  1. Thanks for the compliments! I LOVE working with you - you are awesome! Can't wait to do more and thanks for the great giveaway... I know little J is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE her tutu - she was definitely loving it during the shoot!